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The "Chistmas Seal", a floating TB clinic, was equipped to take chest X-rays, test for tuberculosis exposure, and show films about the disease. In 1951, the "Christmas Seal" visited 118 communities and took 10,648 X-rays. 
A few words about Herb
Herb Davis was born in St. John's Newfoundland. From his early childhood, he was greatly inspired and influenced by the works of his father, Walter Davis, who made a significant contribution to bringing the mid-century tuberculosis epidemic under control in Newfoundland. Walter Davis also worked tirelessly in the area of human rights. Herb often accompanied his father on the "Christmas Seal" along the coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Herb's career began in 1972, on the South Coast of Newfoundland, where he was part of a team which pioneered the use of video in government relations. He worked with community development associations, local fishermen's committees, youth and senior citizens groups. He also set-up local newspapers, including the Fog Horn in Harbour Breton. He established the Citizens Health Group which set-up Newfoundland's first community-run dental clinic in Belleoram, Fortune Bay, Newfoundland.
He then joined CBC where he produced and hosted Canada's longest running daily radio program "The Fisheries Broadcast". He was then offered to produce and direct one of Canada's most popular weekly documentary programs, "Land and Sea".
Former hosts of the Fisheries Broadcast:
Back row: Wilf Dyke, Hal Andrews, Dave Quinton, Rab Carnell, Herb Davis, Jim Winter, Jim Wellman
Front row: Kathy Porter, Anne Budgell,
Kathryn King
CBC Newfoundland started producing and airing Land and Sea locally in 1964. Land and Sea's mandate was to tell stories about the people who lived off the land and worked the resources of the sea. 
Since 1981, Herb harnessed his skills and talents to take on new challenges on the international stage. He established a company to export fish to Europe, specializing in herring and mackerel; he managed the media component of a CIDA project in Thailand which used radio, television and print media to develop public relation campaigns; he was International Manager for a Canadian 
telecommunications company, negotiating with government agencies in Asia, Europe, and South America.