Herb Davis

Herb Davis has a strong, proven track record in doing what it takes to get results. From his early days travelling the world through 21 countries, to his posts at the senior political and administrative levels in Ottawa and St. John’s, Herb consistently leads by personal example of accountability, drive for results, enthusiasm for the cause, innovative problem-solving and measured risk-taking.
Herb served as the Director of Newfoundland and Labrador Affairs and Senior Advisor to the Minister of National Defence and Minister for the Atlantic Gateway, the Hon. Peter MacKay. He was also Regional Director - Atlantic Canada for the Hon. Loyola Hearn, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans and served in the Office of Senator Consiglio Di Nino as Policy Advisor to the Parliamentary Friends of Tibet.

What others say about Herb...


“Herb didn’t know it when he took the job, but he would soon need his enthusiastic energy for more than he was hired to do. The Broadcast had just been dealt a blow that nearly ended its days.” “Loyal Broadcast listeners hated the new sound and, although he was a broadcast rookie, Herb Davis started the fight to save the old show that he was so thrilled to be associated with.” “Herb’s guerilla warfare lasted several months until eventually CBC management recognized the significance of the Broadcast to Newfoundlanders and, to their credit, reinstated the show to thirty minutes again, complete with its own name”.

Jim Wellman
Excerpt from “The Broadcast – The story of CBC Radio’s Fisheries Broadcast” (p. 75-78)

“ The largest independent fish broker in the Atlantic Provinces, Herb Davis, now lives in a leafy suburb of Ottawa and starts his working days at three a.m. making calls to East Germany, Poland, Russia, and Finland....may establish the case that while Canada labours under economic disadvantages - weather; relative distance from major U.S. markets; a heavy load of social spending – those with brains can make it as readily here as anywhere else.”

Richard Gwyn
Excerpt from “The 49th Paradox – Canada in North America” (p. 226)

“ Herb had an excellent knowledge of our province (Newfoundland)… We talked nearly every day, in person or by phone. Herb was very familiar with Ottawa, and had many contacts. He was always on the move all over the capital city region, finding out what people, high and low, were thinking. As a result, he was an unfailing source of information, opinion, and advice, especially on the Atlantic Accord ”

Bill Rowe
Excerpt from “Danny Williams – The War with Ottawa” (p. 221)

“ St. John’s had a tradition of putting out brilliant television..... Producer-hosts like Jack Kellam and Herb Davis created regional programming of national quality. Canadians got a look at the real Newfoundland from those broadcasts; and Newfoundlanders were able to look in the mirror of CBC television and catch a genuine reflection, not some hideous stereotype concocted up along.".

Michael Harris
Excerpt from “Saving the CBC: The path forward is finding the way back”

IPolitics, Oct. 31st, 2011